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Affiliate marketing verses pay per action programs

Making a decision entailing affiliate marketing verses PPA program is something that most internet home business starters struggle with all the times. If you plan to run any kind of blog or rather website, the two main critical questions that you will be faced with will be whether to market affiliate programs or monetize your blog or make use of PPA program like Google Ad sense.
Making the decision to go either way will be crucial depending on what factors you put into considerations. It will also depend to a bigger extent on the amount of work that you are willing to input at any given moment. I this article, I am going to look at affiliate program verses a pay per click program like Google Adsense. Before we look at affiliate marketing verses Google Adsense program, let us find out what Google Adsense and affiliate marketing is and how do they work?
How does Google Ad sense program work?
Every time that you do a search from Google, what you get is the organic search results on the left with the Google ads on the right. Immediately above the search results you will also find you will also find some sponsored ads. These ads sponsored by Google are popularly known as Ad words and are conducted through Google Ad word Program.
Essentially, these are pay per click adverts where advertisers offer to pay Google for every click made. The order of these pay per click ads is usually done based on the amount paid per click with the high paying ads occupying higher spots in the search results.
Now in a similar manner, Google also publishes these ads on the web pages or blogs that request them to do so. In the process of doing so, Google pay them a percentage of the click price from their advertisers. This is what is popularly known as Google Adsense program. The good thing with this is that Google will publish the ads that are related to the theme of your website or blog to avoid disappointing the advertisers. This will also enable the publishers to attain maximum clicks from the ads that they host in their sites.
Usually the advertiser will pay for the clicks on the adverts optimized for specific key words or key word phrases. The cost per click is something that varies depending on the key word competition. In rare cases, this can vary from $1 per click to $50 per click and is normally done through a bidding process where the highest bidder gets the highest position.
For one to enroll to the Google Adsense program, you will have to formally apply to goggle and wait for an approval that is normally based on your blog and its content. Earlier on, it used to be easier to get approved for the Google Adsense program but today it is a little bit harder. Besides this, your account can easily be suspended or closed for a violation of their policy. When this happens, you end up losing all your source of income within a moment.
In case you are considering monetizing your blog using Google Adsense and you have come to a dead end, you may consider applying for Revenue Hits with a sign up process that only takes 30 seconds and offers immediate account activation. Although it pays low cost per action, it can offer you some good money if you have a blog that has thousands of visitors a day. High blog traffic can really make grow to something substantial. It is actually one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.
Having briefly looked at Google Adsense program, let us now look at affiliate marketing so that we may have a comprehensive overview of what each entails.
How does affiliate marketing work?
Affiliate marketing involves selling products that belong to other people or company to earn a commission. In this case you may advertise the product in your blog and get paid a commission whenever somebody makes a purchase. The amount of affiliate commission earned can be variable. Affiliate commissions can be 50% and over for electronically delivered products. These are for products like eBooks and softwares-products that do not require replacement cost.
In this line with this, physical goods that require replacement cost often pay less commission, actually to the tune of 20% and sometimes slightly more or below. This is a percentage that can vary from one merchant to another depending on the volume that the merchant aspires to move via the affiliate marketing and the number of affiliate marketers that he or she would wish to attract.
Now for you to market your affiliate product in your website or blog, you will be required to use your affiliate link along with your reference number or code, often provided by the affiliate company to ensure that every sale you make gets credited to you.
Now before you join any affiliate program, it is important to consider its credibility, whether it can pay you the commission it so claims or not. Another thing that you need to check is how long has it been in operation? This is because lots of affiliate programs come online and after a short time they disappear. I am talking based on experience considering the fact that it would not be a nice thing to watch all your hard work in an affiliate program go down the drain.
A good affiliate program should also go a long way to offering adequate training to its marketers couple with adequate marketing resources. One of the free affiliate programs that has been there for quite some time in the market and pays generously is SFI affiliate program. It has adequate training module to every affiliate marketer that almost make earning from it a guarantee. I am a member myself and i can attest to this.
Apart from joining the SFI  affiliate program, it also worthwhile to join and participates in its  E commerce associate program that allows other businesses to list their products to its Triple Clicks market place for a possible exposure to a worldwide customer base.
The beauty of referring a company to e commerce associate program is that you will get to earn as an affiliate  a 10% royalty of all the sales made by that business or company in that particular month. This is a residual income that you will earn as long as the company remains listed. The good thing is that since the companies or the business products are exposed to a worldwide audience, sales are easy to come by and the best of all, SFI handle everything for you.
Come to think about how much you can earn as an affiliate by listing a company to E commerce associate program. Even if the business or the company you have referred is yours, you will equally stand a chance to greatly benefit.
How can I effectively market affiliate program?
Affiliate marketing is most profitable if you generate your own email list using a subscription opt in form placed in your blog or website. This is a process that will take some effort and time, but is a lot worth considering. It gives you a market place that you can go selling every time you have a product.
If you have a blog that you regularly post to, your subscription base will start to grow gradually and eventually you will find yourself hosting a considerable subscriber base. You have heard it said money is in the list and this is a fact for sure.
As you develop a subscriber base or rather an email list, it is important that you start to gradually build a relationship with it, and in the process of building relationship through the email, present to them some of the affiliate products or offers that you may have. The best way to do this type of follow up is to use an auto res ponder service; you may be required to pay a little amount of money to use this kind of service however, it is worth it because it produces substantial results.
In order to establish a good relationship with your list, it is important to provide them with some useful information that can help them solve problems affecting their businesses or offer them products that meet their needs. By doing this, they will be able to trust and open and read your mails.
 A good content will also work along way to reduce the rate at which your subscribers unsubscribe. Remember your list is your treasure store.
The good thing about building an email list and establishing a relationship with them is that, in future you will even be able to promote other affiliate programs to them not the one you currently have. If you have a good relationship with your subscribers, they are more likely to accept your product offer more so if you have been offering the quality products in the past.
As a matter of fact it is important that you only promote affiliate programs that you understand better and that you are well versed with. If possible promote to them the products that you yourself have joined and that you see is working for you. This way, you will be able to promote it with confidence and offer a product that even they are likely to appreciate as an internet home business opportunity.
Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank for taking your time to read this article. I believe this will take you along way into achieving your internet home business objectives; if your objective is to make money, you are at the right place and if you are doing internet home business as a hobby, still you are at the right place. Below this article, you will find a comment section, feel free to ad you comment and to get even more information subscribe to my blog.

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