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Different types of web hosting service

Before getting into any particular web hosting service, it is important to take into considerations what your hosting needs are. At the center stage is the speed, security and reliability. These criteria will guide when choosing the best web hosting service and will help you along the way through saving money as a result of avoiding unnecessary hosting services. The aim of this article is to address different types of web hosting service that are available to put you in unique position to know  which hosting plan is best for you based on your needs .
The web hosting industry is one of the most vibrant one in the home business niche. Consider for example, every website in the internet uses at least a host, and there are still millions of businesses out there that need a global presence in the internet. All these millions of businesses and even non profit making organizations will eventually need hosting services.
If this be the fact, therefore there is a huge demand for the information about the different types of hosting services out there that still need to be met. People need to make informed decisions about what are the specifications and the characteristics of the best web hosting service provider that they need without ever going for an inappropriate service.
Well, there are different types of hosting services available out there offered by different web hosting campaniles. These are the most distinct categories:
1.     Free web hosting service
2.     Shared web hosting service
3.     Dedicated web Hosting service
4.     Virtual private servers
5.     Managed web hosting service
6.     Re seller web hosting service.
7.     Cloud web hosting service.
Let us take a closer look at each category, highlighting which type of people it most suited for that matter; what are some of the advantages of one hosting plan over the other?
This is basically a hosting service that is free of charge. Because of this, this it has got serious limitations. You will find that the host providers will tell you to put some burners or text ads it in your website. This web hosting service is therefore not very suitable for running business because if you were promoting similar products, it will give you undue competition.
The reason being, by running the ads on your site they will cover up for the cost of the free hosting that they give to you ,and perhaps  make some little profit. However there are some that will not put free ads on your site but will simply offer free hosting for one reason or the other.
Free hosting service is usually good for the users that are non experts and have web sites just for interest of it. Therefore if you are a serious blogger or want to run a serious website for your business, this is something that I would not advise at all; basically on the limitation of usage and the unreliability aspects it is not good.
Besides this, I would say that they are never unreliable and you will never get to know when they will stop to offer their free services. In case there is a hitch in hosting service, the response might not be timely and you might not even have a place to air your concerns. The service is free anyway. Most of the hosting companies offer very low hosting fees and I don’t see why anybody serious about business cannot afford a fee less than $10 a month for hosting service. Have a look at these hosting companies and check for yourself which is best suited for you. We have jvzoo host and dream host.
It is the most popular type of web hosting service out there and the most affordable, offering a good platform to start from for new users. This is where ones website is placed on a server shared by many others ranging from a few to hundreds or thousands of websites.
This type of shared web hosting service is mainly suitable for individuals from small to intermediate businesses depending on the traffic they generate. The shared hosting system must include a system administrator since it is shared by many users. The advantage of this hosting system is that it is suitable for the users who do not want a lot of control and are relatively less techno-survy.
However for users who need to apply extensive software development outside what is provided by the host, this is a major drawback. It is also cheaper than other types of hosting plans for example when compared to dedicated hosting plan.
The most important thing here is that the hosting service should be reliable and with reasonable limits of the services; this depends on the amount of traffic that your website generates.
Another important feature of shared hosting plan is that is uses a web based control panel system e.g. Cpanel system, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere among others. However, most of the large companies use their own custom developed control panels.
A major feature of shared hosting plan is that the host provider is generally responsible for maintaining the servers, installation of the server softwares, updating the security feature amongst general use support, including technical support. Do you need a good host service provider today? Try dream host or Jvzoo host.
This is the most dependable hosting plan in which a full server is dedicated to alone customer on a lease basis.
The payment will depend on specifications and the services supported with the server. The cost may vary from $100 to $800 per month or more. It is mainly utilized by large enterprises, professional and some very hard working websites with very high amount of daily traffic.
The clients have a total command over services including the choice of the operating system and the hardware; they can also have numerous websites as much as they want. Worth noting is that most top websites are clusters of dedicated serves.
Word press dedicated servers are best used by extremely high traffic blogs that are established and can justify the expense thereof with the revenue they generate.

This is another level of dedicated hosting service however it differs from dedicated service in the following sense:
The service provider administers the hardware, operating system and system softwares. In this case, the client has got administrative access but rarely uses it however he interacts with a leased system through a web based interface.
The hosting provider is responsible for setting up and configuring the installation of the hardware and softwares. The provider also offers technical support, data management and system maintenance. They also monitor the updates.
Generally considering managed hosting system, managed word press hosting system is popular and is great for the hard working blogs with a huge revenue base that can justify the resulting lease expense.
Managed web hosting is also ideal for people who have sufficient skills and no time to engage in the technical bit of the process. Because the host provider takes over the whole management, the technically unskilled people also have a huge advantage.
This hosting service allows clients to become webhosts themselves. Here you will find that many resellers provide nearly identical services to their provider shared hosting plan. In other words, they will provide the technical support themselves.

This involves a virtual dedicated server where a physical server is partitioned into multiple servers according to the individual customer needs. Although a physical server is shared with a couple of many of others, it gives almost as much control as dedicated server.
If you don’t have a technological knowledge base, it is advisable to go for a managed virtual private sever in which case the provider manages all the system  
This is a new type of hosting platform that provides hosting for websites on virtual servers. It allows customers’ access to a powerful, scalable and reliable web hosting service available. It does this by pulling computing resources from an extensive underlying network of physical web servers.
Cloud hosting allows for a utility model of computing that is available as a service rather than a product. Broadly speaking, the customer can tap into their services as much as they need and they only need to pay for what they have used.
Clod hosting exists as an alternative to hosting websites on a single server typically used in dedicated or shared hosting servers. It is considered as an extension of the concept of clustered hosting where websites are hosted in multiple servers.
With cloud hosting, the network of servers are vast, often pulled from different data centers in different locations. Therefore instead of hosting being done on a virtual partition, it draws resources like disc spaces from extensive network of physical servers.
If for instance one server goes offline, it dilutes the level of resources available to the cloud a little but causes no availability of website. The reason being it will continue to pull resources from the remaining servers. Some cloud platforms could even survive an entire data center going offline as pulled cloud resources is drawn from different locations hence spreading the risk.
Another future of cloud hosting is scalability and hence flexibility. This is due to the fact that resources are available in real time and on demand to the physical constrains or capacity of the server. It therefore means that if a client’s site demands extra resources from the hosting platform due to a spike in the visitor traffic or implantation of new functionality, the resources can be accessed without effort.
Even when using a private cloud server, it can often be allowed to access resources from the public cloud for non sensitive processes. This is often when there are surges in the activity of the site.
Finally, cloud hosting has got a responsive load balancing. The balancing is software based and therefore can instantly respond to the changing demands. I hope this article has brought some clarity on the different types of hosting service available out there.

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