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Does Google ad sense really work?

Does Google ad sense really work is a major question that many internet home business opportunity seekers would want answered. Yes it does work however there is a particular way it works.
Google ad sense provides one of the best ways of earning money online today. If you have a website with a considerable amount of traffic coming into it, then you are well to go. However, the type of traffic that come to your blog or website for that matter have got to be specific. A specific traffic is a converting traffic.
Despite the fact that you have generated some traffic into your website does not mean that you will be successful with ad sense or similar programs that pay publisher to place ads in their sites. Google ad sense and other similar programs pay senses and really you have to collect a lot of these senses from a highly targeted traffic to make something out of it.
This is simply because the ads that are placed in your website must represent the interest of your blog or web visitors. If, for instance, the ads placed in your website does not correlate to your blog visitors then they are likely not to click through the ads leading to a non converting traffic.
What does this mean? It means that you might earn very little despite the fact that there was a lot of traffic coming into your blog. It is therefore important that you identify the correct kind of niche and post in the correct article to optimize you blog effectively.
Google ad sense provides a way for the publishers to earn more from their websites/blogs through highly targeted blog traffic. For you to make money with the Google ad sense, you will have to make sure that you have the right kind of information- select kind of traffic. To have this correct kind of information into your blog will require that you have dedication, consistency and perseverance in blog posting.
Many people have joined Google ad sense and failed to make any substantial amount of money simply because they do not have the traffic or if they do, it is not the right kind of traffic. On the contrary there are a select group of people who have really made it big with the Google ad sense and are really reaping off some good rewards.
The truth lies somewhere in between; if others have succeeded with the ad sense program, you too can. Now assuming you are able to make $1or $10 a day, then it means that you are able to achieve even more when you put in a great deal of learning and dedication to improve it.
How do I start in the Google ad sense wave?
If you are just beginning to venture into Google ad sense, it is advisable to pick about five different niches so that you can have some healthy kind of competition. Upon identifying the niche then you can precede further to develop a blog for each of the niches.
Identify the best key word phrases that do not have a high level of competition that might make it difficult to rank well in the search engines. At the same time, make sure that the key word phrases that you have identified do not have very low monthly searches that might not adequately give you enough traffic. This is however a tricky balance to attain; you can easily do this using a key word finding service.
It is often easier to obtain the best result by posting about fifteen to twenty articles that are key word phrase rick. This is a content that has about 1% or less of the blog post. Despite this, it is important to consider the fact that the key word phrases that you insert into your blog post comes in naturally. Nobody would want to find a case where key word phrases are stuffed into a blog post meaninglessly. A key word phrase inserted into the article correctly makes e content sensible, comprehensible and flow.

Now for you to continue generating money from the Google ad sense program, it necessary that continue posting fresh and valuable content every day. This is something that will sustain a continuous stream of traffic that is also bound to increase your revenue in the long run. I know probably you are asking yourself how you can possibly keep up with the article demand for all your five websites.
My answer would be, this is something that when you plan yourself adequately to achieve without much stress. Note that by this I don’t mean that you develop all of them simultaneously. What I recommend here is that you develop one blog at a time and then monetize it through the ad sense or similar programs. Monitor the success of every blog and make appropriate changes as necessary. Discard the sites that are not able to meet their operating costs – the hosting and domain name registration costs.
Does traffic flow type really matter for ad sense?
The answer to this question is absolutely yes. The traffic flow type can really affect your ad sense performance. Let us consider this scenario. If the type of traffic that is coming to you blog is not highly targeted blog traffic, then you are not likely to achieve the desired result because of mismatch of demand verses needs of your blog visitors.
Traffic coming mainly from developing countries may not be effective no matter how huge it is. On the other hand, the traffic from the rich and developed nations is highly converting. It is therefore far better to target traffic from these rich and developed nations since they have a faster conversion rate.
If traffic type affects your Google ad sense business, you don’t need to worry since it is something that you can correct. Do it soonest. You can achieve this by creating a content that attract people from developed countries as opposed to developing countries. Developed countries will therefore form you T1 countries that will need a heavy investment of your time and money.
Must I have more than one site?
This is a question that can be debatable. For some people they would rather prefer to develop one supper bog or website that draws a thousand visitors a day or more than to develop many websites with average traffic. However, this is risky the due to the fact that it can easily go down and when it does you are doomed. Imagine earning $10000 a month today only to wake up tomorrow to earn $0.Perhaps you argue that you can carefully watch it.
This is the question of putting all your eggs in one basket as opposed to different ones. It doesn’t matter how careful you watch over this basket, it can and will eventually fall however much of a juggler you are.
The second reason why I would prefer that you have more than one website is that it allows you to keep on performing tests on different websites. I believe you are all aware that in the world of internet marketing, testing and perfecting is key to success. This is because the internet industry is so dynamic. What worked yesterday might never work again and what works today might never work tomorrow. When you have different website you can try different approaches from different platforms and see which one to adopt.
Apart for the above it is also important to realize that some of your websites will generate enough traffic where as others will not and this will sort of complement each other; it will ensure that you have a uniform kind of traffic to your ads and therefore earn money from them.
Now despite all these advantages ,some people may not prefer to earn money from their blogs using ad sense, but by a couple of other ways like channeling their traffic to affiliate networks and their own products, mainly info products- e books and the likes. Let us closely examine this.
Why ad sense is not good to you brand site?
 Google ad sense and Google ad sense alternatives are not good for your branded sites. If you have an established brand that you promote online, these programs can clatter your brand and make it inferior. If you don’t have an established brand it well and good. I don’t think anyone in his right senses would want to water down the reputation of a brand that he has worked so hard to build.
Allowing a less than perfect brand to associate to your brand can endanger your established brand especially if they are of inferior quality. When people click into these products they may think that is all your brand is all about which is not the case.
Now to resolve this problem, I prefer that you should rather put your personal ads or the affiliate links that match your products brand in your branded site. This will offer a direct benefit to you and your audience when you recruit them into your affiliate products. In short, separate ad sense or similar programs from your brand site, if you have one. Well, as I have already stated, have different sites optimized for different niches to promote different ad sense programs.

Are there alternative to Google ad sense?
Relying one product line has always been dangerous however much of a supper product it may be. This brings as to the fact that there are always better ways to make money online than using Google ad sense or similar programs.
Let us closely examine the process, Google allows you to make a small amount of money for the transitions on your website. In return to this, they take away your visitor to other websites thereby potentially supporting your competitors. This is like shooting yourself in the foot because of a penny; effect can be catastrophic.
Besides this, let me bring in another factor. Google is very strict with its ad sense program. When you fail to observer their rules and regulations you are out. This is a big potential danger if you headily rely on it for as your mail source of income. I know there are some of you currently reading this article and are making it big using Google ad sense. Kudos! Just make sure that you observe Google terms and conditions and enjoy your earnings.
Lastly and as I close this post, it is important to note that for some people, they are better off selling their own products and at the same time endorsing or reviewing other affiliate products. They may also opt to explore revenue models like offering subscription service and many more as a measure to diversify their income range.
However despite the fact that plenty of people still make a good amount of money with Google ad sense, it is advisable to diversify your income portfolio, the choice is really yours. Well, now that you have observed the two different side of the coin to make a valid decision.

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