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Free e mail marketing softwares online

The question of availability of the free e mail marketing softwares online is one that any newbie internet home business marketer would want to know. There are quite a number of open source e mail marketing softwares online that can allow you to e mail up to a specific threshold of the subscribers.
Now during the dark internet era, there used to be quite a lot of free e mail marketing softwares online however, they were not very effective. They used to have low deliverability and always contained free ads from other people. Often they used to have very ridiculous downtime and therefore finding good free e mail marketing softwares online was a nightmare.
Despite this, there have been quite a number of free e mail marketing softwares online that have offered quite satisfactory results. This is particularly suitable for those that have newly ventured into the internet home business. Now by this, when you do not have enough money to start e mail marketing campaign, can easily get you started. Ultimately, as you grow your email list, only then will begin to upgrade.
Why is e mail marketing software online good for you?
In today’s internet home business, acquiring traffic is very important to get sales in your business. It is not just important but a precious jewel when it is from a highly targeted blog traffic source. The visitors who come to your blog or website from the organic source will most probably never get back there again. It is therefore very important and wise to find a way of capturing their contacts and get to contact them later with your offers.
And the good thing is that they are interested prospects who are likely to buy from your offer. It is therefore very important that you have free e mail marketing softwares online or rather paid ones to later reach this category of website visitors.
What are the free e mail marketing softwares online?
Now among the most common fee e mail marketing softwares online are mail chimp, cake mail and active train. At this point it is important to note that they do not offer free email marketing service as such, but up to some level of subscriber base say, 2000 subscribers. Any subscription above the cap is liable for a charge.
The good thing about this is that they allow you to set up your base and let you in on a journey of e mail marketing .Despite the fact that they offer some free service does not mean that they do not have the expenses to incur. In most cases, you will find that these companies have got some small in house staff to pay as part of their expenses. A mall charge is therefore very essential to keep the party going.
There has been several arguments that these free email marketing softwares online are actually good for nothing. Well, I may agree with you to some extent because you will find out that their free versions lack certain extra features that are available in the paid version. The truth is when you want anything extra; you will have to pay for it.
Well, those basic features of most of these free e mail marketing softwares online are in my view just sufficient, especially if you do not have sufficient money to go for the paid version or rather when you still have a small list you are still focused to develop it.
In this article am going to focus on only one of the free e mail marketing softwares online, looking into some of its advantages and disadvantages. This will at least help you know if it is good enough for to get you started on or not. I am going to consider looking into mail chimp since it is the most commonly used.
When choosing an e mail marketing softwares online, it is important to go for something with flexibility and offers you what you need. It is worth noting that everybody’s needs are not the same and therefore flexibility is very crucial in executing effective e mail marketing campaign.
What is in for mail chimp?
Mail chimp meets nearly all the features that are essential for an effective e mail marketing campaign. It is one of the most generous free plans out there with a very good business enhancing analytical features and strong technology. However, it has very strict guidelines, but if anything is to go by, it is just for your good; it makes the e mail marketing strategy work well for you.
Under the free plan, mail chimp allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month with a maximum of 2000 subscribers. Anything beyond this will lead to a paid subscription.
The free plan however does not include autoreponder capabilities like tools that will help your e mail get through the spam filters. It also lacks a couple of other management tools provided by paid options or other e mail marketing softwares online. Despite this, free plan still has a lot to offer.
Free e mail marketing softwares online is however good for the small business owners, the non profit making organizations and  others just getting started in the internet home business industry and with a limited budget.
Mail chimp offers great free learning resource.
Mail chimp offers great resources that minimizes your learning curve and help you to create an effective e mail marketing campaign .Apart from this, there are a couple of useful videos to make you familiar with their inter phase a long with a couple of e books. All this will help you get the maximum out of your e mail campaign.
They also provide information to help the user creating transnational e mails; manage your list plus many other internet e mail marketing resources. Apart from this their system is coupled to a tool that will tell you how well a potential subject line will perform based on the previous history and industry statistics.
Mail chimp offers extensive e mail marketing tracking.
The reports from the mail chimp e mail marketing softwares online gives you interactive graphs to visually view the activities associated with your e mail marketing campaigns.
Other this, mail chimp also reveals the e mails that have been opened and clicked. It also shows open by location, bounces and the unsubscribe lists and their respective rates.
This report is very vital as it will help you to compare your rates among other e mail marketers in the same industry. Further still mail chimp integrates with Google analytics to provide additional insight to your campaign like determining how much revenues your campaign yields. This is important for effective e mail marketing and therefore proper targeting.
Mail chimp provides useful applications for both I phone and android mobile devises that acts as a shot cut to your e mail marketing account. As you are aware most of the devises used today are android based mobile devises and therefore even if you are on the go, you can still access your e mail marketing campaign that you have set up. This improves productivity.
Apart from this, mail chimp enables you to add subscribers to any of the lists that you may have and get campaign updates and stay informed through social media activity. This is equally good for those constantly on the move.
Having looked at some of the good about mail chimp, let us now change the focus and look at a few of the bad in mail chimp e mail marketing software. First, exceeding the 2,000 free subscribers cap comes at a serious cost of approximately $30 and above 5,000 you will pay approximately $50 per month.
Most small business send less than six emails blasts per month and therefore increased e mail sending frequency through an upgraded mail chimp account is never an incentive to motivate one to upgrade to the next level.
Finally, based on the increased cost, for those who want to send more mails is not appetizing and therefore those on a tight marketing budget, they would rather  shop around for other cheaper e mail marketing softwares.
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