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Further myths in advertising internet home business

Welcome to the second part of my article on the myths in advertising internet home business. Today am going to further look at the myths that have prevented many internet home business from progressing. Now, as we have already examined the crucial part that advertising plays in our home businesses, we cannot afford to entertain these myths any further.

Advertising is the process that will make your internet home business known as well as its products or services. Even if you have the best product I the market, without anybody aware it won’t just sell. Times have really changed and it is no longer sufficient to hang a banner of your business outside the door, there is need to explore other marketing avenues akin to the internet as this is the inn thing in the day.

In the last article .we looked at the myth of whether you need a website or not for your home business. We realized that you need a website and not only a website, but also traffic that flows into it. Now below is another myth that closely relates to this.
1.     My website does not have to be mobile friendly

Now having a website that is mobile friendly is important in this age of smart phones and tablets. Continuously these are becoming the main channels through which people access the internet. Therefore making sure that your internet home business is compatible to mobile gadgets is a smart thing to do not only for today but also for posterity.

Now when we talk about a mobile friendly website what we mean? This is nothing but a website that is designed to fit in on a mobile screen and not only, but a desk top or a laptop. It should be designed in such a way that it makes navigation easier and the texts readable. Achieving this actually makes life easy for your mobile readers and as well will boost your search engine traffic rankings.

2.    Customers  buy because the product is best
Now I don’t say this to advocate for the production of poor quality products or services, but not to let this myth hinder your from advertising your internet home business. Remember our society have got different classes people who require different product quality and services depending on what they can be able to afford. Therefore depending on your target market category go on and advertise your internet home business.

One thing that you must realize as a home business owner is that customers will not always want to buy your product even if they need to, but would want to be first convinced first.

There are various ways that you can use to convince them to buy your home business product. Things like why is your product the best? A good advertising uses reason, persuasion and a little aesthetic appeal to get your prospects in order to buy your products.

Most customers are notorious for settling for less than they ought. They often give some of the most flimsy reasons ranging from a product being convenient to buy from one place as opposed to the other to a product costing less or even purchased close by. Another myth about advertising an internet home business product commonly used is this.

3.     I can use the word of mouth alone
Marketing your internet home business through the word of mouth is good; however, it is just not good enough. This method of marketing a home business has got serious limitations that need care since there are customers that you cannot reach by word of mouth.

The most important of all is that there is an urgent need to grow your home business. Not only do you need to maintain your customer base, but also to increase it through acquisition of new ones. When doing any type of business, I bet you will agree with me that you will not just sit by and wait for the customers to just come. The word of mouth, especially if your home business is still very new and you don’t have products to reckon with in the market. The solution is to explore other avenues to get customers.

4.     I can only promote my business on social media
Well, promoting your internet home business on social media is great, but just like the word of mouth, it is not sufficient. The social media may work, but there is no guarantee that your product will get seen. The reason being there are so many competing activities that take place over the social media, reducing the chance that your advertisement will get seen on the social media. Take for instance face book. People post comments, selfie pictures, photos, blog post among many things. In this clatter, it is hardly possible to get enough visibility.

It is estimate that a post on a business page might be seen by only 1-5 % of the followers and these cuts across other social Medias. It means that for you to even get enough visibility, you will need to get really massive.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read through this article and encourage you to leave your comments in the section below this article. Apart from this, I also have some of the home business opportunities that I recommend, please check them out.

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