Monday, 24 October 2016

How to harness home business banner ads

Now that we have extensively talked about banner ads, let us now look at how to harness home business banner ads which is the most important part of this. The goal of creating banner ad ultimately ends in conversion either in sales or leads to a landing page.

It is therefore important to consider where you intend to take the traffic that you have obtained through the banner ads. This will largely depended on the objective of your banner ads.

One of the places where a banner ad can be channeled to is the home page. Channeling the traffic to the home page is usually preferable if your banner ad is related to the theme of the home page. Generally the traffic that leads to the home page does not convert into sales and therefore if this is your expectation, you better consider other avenues.

Another possible place to channel the internet home business banner ads is your product category. Normally a website or a blog site has got different pages that express various aspects of the home business. Therefore if you channel the home business banner traffic to a relevant category of your business, the chances of success are much more increased. Sending banner traffic to a given product category will also give you room to access to the various price categories or even product quality on offer.

Other than this, you may also channel your products to different individual product page depending on whatever product that you have for your home business. Sending banner traffic to your home page will often result into sales, provided the product in consideration has been thoroughly pitched.

Now sometimes you may not want to send your traffic directly into one of the above mentioned places, in which case your objective will be different from the above mentioned .A classic example is a case in which you may want to channel your home business banner ads directly into a promotional page. Perhaps you want to give away something away for free, and if this be the case, it would be advisable to take your banner traffic directly the promotional page. Do not take them on a roundabout process without getting them to the process.

Now having looked briefly at how we can harness home business banner ads into productivity, let us further briefly look at some of the places where we can buy these banner ads. Well, there are two possible ways by which you can buy these banner ads for your home business. These are buying directly with the website owners or buying the banner ads from the ad networks.

Now depending on your home business niche, you may consider some of the top niches in your home business that offer banner advertising programs. Reach out to these websites and find out what are their rates, looking for a way to become a residual advertiser on these sites. Remember developing a strong relationship with their regular web visitors is key to your success.

However, in the residual marketing, you will need to be extremely dynamic; often changing the banner ads designs and graphic. This is actually aimed at keeping your ads fresh all the time and not to make your regular banner traffic too familiar with your ads.

Now looking at the ad networks, it is important to know that they offer a much more diverse exposure to your banner ads with less work since they target different websites. Ad networks are actually the middle men between you and the sites where they would place your ads.  

The main advantage of using ad networks however is that they are likely to give better rate than targeting individual websites. The reason being they broker a large amount of home business traffic and therefore able to offer competitive pricing. However with this is not easy to develop a relationship with the resident websites where they place your ads.

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