Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Myths about advertising internet home business

There are a lot of myths about advertising in general and more so in internet home business circles that warrants the attention of this article. Recently I sat down and pondered over the problems that hinder the marketing of home business after realizing that not so many of them are successful. I came up with the following points.

1. I already have enough customers.
Now am sure you must have heard about this more than once since it is pretty common. One thing that I would like to point out is that regardless of the number of customers you have, you will still need more. What you need to know is that your current customer base can leave you at a moment’s notice and even if this does not happen some of your customers may die-God forbid and or even change allegiance. Therefore if you want to stay in business you will always need new customers on board.

2.     I cannot afford to advertise my home business
This is the worst assumption ever for any type of business whether online or offline. Advertisement is the lifeline of any kind of business, stop advertising for whatever reason and kill your business. One thing that I would like to point out is that advertisement is more affordable you can ever think. Remember you can place a ad on face book for as low as $1 a day, but if you need a better result than this you will need to go a little bit higher. This is one of the myths that keep people from advertising their internet home business and it needs to be overcome at all cost.

3.     I don’t need any help.
This is a really absurd statement that has crippled the progress of many internet home businesses. Every business owner in one way or the other will need some help whether in marketing or some technical aspect of the business. This can vary from things like stock taking, payroll preparation, filing tax returns to many other services. It is a fact that not everybody can be brought on board as employees. Some things have to be outsourced. The most important part that can be outsourced is advertisement. Most of the times, the business owner may be too busy with other things to focus on advertisement which is the lifeline of the business. When it comes to advertisement, it is important o hire a professional company to do it on your behalf. The reason being they are most up-to-date and conversant with the latest marketing strategies in the advertisement industry.

4.     I don’t need a website.
This is perhaps the biggest myth about the home business owners of the time. In the marketing of today regardless of your industry, location or customer base, you will need to have a website. This is something that is foundational because most people today spend their time on the internet. A web site offers apace to showcases you products, services and any other information that corresponds to your home business. Even without second guessing the current and future of the home business is online.

5.     I only need a website.
One fact that is important and true is that you need a website, however you not only need a website but a website with traffic flowing into it. If nobody knows that your website exists then it is just as good as if it never existed. This is just the same as opening up a shop in a remote place where there are no people and therefore nobody even know whether it exits. All a website need is lots of targeted traffic that is able to translate into some business.
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