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Qualities of a good traffic exchange

A good traffic exchange is important for any internet home business venture. It is a marketing program with many pros and cones. Just as the name suggests it involves the exchange of traffic where one views another member’s site and the other member views his site in return. It uses a surfing currency called- credits-which one must have to have his website viewed. Does that sound vague?
Well, a traffic exchange site is a website that receives submissions of other websites, affiliate links, squeeze pages and any other link as may be necessary. In this article, I am going to predominantly refer to websites or affiliate links. The members who have submitted their website to the traffic exchange will then browse through other members’ websites to earn credits that will in turn allow other members to browse through their site. This is the essence of a good traffic exchange should be.
While browsing, there is a specific duration of time that you must spend on the other members’ site usually 30, 40 or 60 seconds and through the process every website involved gets to get the traffic. They use software that rotates all the websites in the traffic exchange. A good traffic exchange allow for the members to view each others web site for an adequate duration of time.
Let me point out here that it is not only through surfing that one obtains the traffic, but through a couple of other means. Most traffic exchange programs have got free membership as well as an upgrade membership so you have got the option to choose which membership suit you well. However, upgraded membership often has got more advantages over the free membership in that you get to earn mere credit when you surf and the package comes with free traffic as well.
A good traffic exchanges often has specific surf to credit ratio that is unique to any given time. This is the number of web pages that you must surf before you get to earn a surf credit. One surf credit qualifies you for a single visit from the traffic exchange membership and the upgraded members often have higher surf to credit ratio than the free membership. The numbers of credits earned per surf in most of the cases vary within a narrow range depending on your membership.
Upgraded membership is therefore better than a free membership although you are not obliged to upgrade at all to start using a given traffic exchange. Besides this, upgraded membership has got the ability to earn money from the credit purchases of their referral network although free members can also earn in certain traffic exchanges. This is something that most traffic exchange offer to their membership add some value to them and typifies a good traffic exchange that one can possibly join.
Now, depending on the level of demand of the traffic you have, you can use a combination of many other means to obtain traffic. You can buy credits and surf to earn credit as well as developing a referral network that earns you a percentage of free credit from their surfing activities. Looking at this, it is good to develop a massive down line to earn free credit. Supposing that you have developed a massive referral network and a significant proportion of them opt to surf for credit as opposed to buying credit, this can earn you a lifetime of credit. Apart from this, when they buy credits, you get to earn a commission.
The beauty of this is that you will not even need to surf for the credit since your down line will deliver them to you for free; you will be assured of the daily visit to your ads without even lifting a finger. This is another feature that you need to look for in a good traffic exchange site.
How does a good traffic exchange guarantee quality surf?
Let us look in to one of the features in traffic exchange that can affect the quality of the traffic to a very big extent.
Auto surf program
One of the biggest problems that can face a traffic exchange and seriously damage its reputation and affect its quality is auto surf. Auto surf program is software that can go on surfing the traffic exchange site to earn credit even if the registered members are not doing so. This is ridiculously unfair because the very essence of having traffic exchange is have real human beings surfing and not auto programs.
This has been one the problems faced by most traffic exchange sites before, but thank God there is a solution. Most traffic exchange programs have put some checks whereby after surfing a particular number of web pages you will be required to input certain codes or solve certain arithmetical problems impossible for the programs to imitate. This has worked quit effectively and a good traffic exchange site must achieve this.
 Whatever it I have described above is simply a basic structure of a good traffic exchange with its functionality. However, there may be some little variation occurring from one traffic exchange to another. The reason being every traffic exchange has got a different way to motivate its membership to keep the system going. Having looked at the general overview of traffic exchanges, let us dig a little bit further and examine if its components.
Are traffic exchanges feasible for marketing links?
The answer to this question is both yes and no depending on how you look at the factors that affect the quality of a good traffic exchange program. When looking at whether a traffic exchange is feasible or not, it is important to look at the following factors:
1.     How long has the traffic exchange been in operation?
2.     Is the traffic exchange growing daily?
3.     Is the membership of the traffic exchange active?
4.     Do the owners of the traffic exchange have integrity; are they honest?
5.     Is there positive review of the traffic exchange online?
The above factors plus many others needs to be put into consideration. Factors like the activity of the membership and growth are very important. However, I want to empathize on the second point which is whether the traffic exchange is growing or not since it is the most important.
The reason that you should join a growing traffic exchange is that with a traffic exchange of a growing membership, you are assured of getting fresh visitors to you website every time and therefore increasing the odds of success. If the membership of the traffic exchange is static, chances are you will find the same members visiting the same site and therefore lack of interest and hence making the traffic exchange less productive.
You will find that most traffic exchange is composed of members who have come together to earn credit for their websites at a cheaper cost or rather free. These are people with very limited marketing budget and in most cases lack budget at all. Based on this, they look for other better opportunities to make money online. For this reason, as the number grows they stand a better chance to get a good opportunity offered by other traffic exchange members.
Can traffic exchange affect web ranking?
Traffic exchange programs are generally good for generating traffic if you operate a small business or simply starting out in the internet marketing world. However, it may negatively influence your website ranking based on the fact that it gives a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is the average rate of time a visitor stays in your website.
If for example your website or blog has got a very high bounce rate, it can generally and safely be assumed that people are not interested in your content and perhaps not a preferable content to the visitors. Essentially, what traffic exchange does is to increase your site visit rate and at the same time increase your bounce rate resulting from short stay in your website.
Based on this, I would therefore recommend that if you have a blog or website to promote for the search engine ranking, don’t do it on the traffic exchange. Instead consider marketing things like affiliate links, landing pages, squeeze pages among others on your traffic exchange. We all know how important it is to obtain the free organic traffic from the search engines, therefore why jeopardize this through traffic exchange?
What are the best links for traffic exchanges?
One particular link that is suitable to promote in a good the traffic exchange is the squeeze page link. A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt in email address of the subscribers. Affiliate links are also good to promote it on the traffic exchange site and when consistently done can yield great results.

How can I leverage the power of traffic exchange?
According to my experience, most good traffic exchange programs are full of people who simply are after surfing for the credits and care less concerning what others showcase in the site; to ensure success from a good traffic exchange program, you will have to do it on a massive scale. Wash rinse and then rinse again. If you are planning to buy or earn a few hundred surf credits you might not have success that you desire even with a good traffic exchange program.
The beauty of the traffic exchange is that you don’t have to buy a lot of traffic or spend the whole of your time surfing the traffic exchange site, all you have to do is get into a recruitment system and recruit massively. If it is free why wouldn’t people join? There is absolutely no reason why people won’t join. Recruitment will guarantee you lots of free credits from the surf activities of your down lines. Besides, there are lots of people out here who would not mind spending their time earning surf for credit.
And guess what? There is no stopping to this, when they surf you get a percentage of their surfing activity and now imagine with a massive recruitment exercise how much that can be.
Buying traffic from a good traffic exchange is normally very cheap, therefore before you can generate enough traffic from your traffic exchange down line you can opt to buy.
Now there are three good traffic exchange programs that I highly recommend to start with that bear most of the characteristics of appropriate traffic exchange program. They even give you an opportunity to earn from them as an affiliate. They don’t promise much but deliver less as do many others.
These traffic exchange programs are:
1.     Traffic swarm
2.     Traffic Ad Bar
3.     Top Tier Traffic exchange.
Do check them and find out if they are good enough for you even although I am sure that you will find them much more effective when you use them well. When properly used, a good traffic exchange can produce results just as much as other internet marketing methods like: effective email marketing from an increase in opt in rate, generation of highly targeted bog traffic coming from generating effective web content for SEO. However not every method can generate spontaneous result without knowledge, email marketing for example will require effective email marketing strategy by using appropriate email marketing softwares in the market.

Finally as I wind up this article, I must take this opportunity to thank you for persevering and reading it all through. I believe that the content has been of great value to you. Kindly take a moment and comment in the box below; speak your mind now!

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