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Search engine ranking factors for your blog

The search engine ranking factors are one of the most important considerations to every web content producer, whether a freelance blogger or a professional web content creator. It is the uniqueness, relevance and freshness of the content that will set people coming to your site or blog. This is because a website or a blog without visitors is as good as nothing.

Because of this, people are often in search of the search engine ranking factors that will impact positively on their article to draw visitor to their blogs or websites. Some of these factors have remained a secret to the search engines themselves as they have kept changing their web/blog ranking algorithms. However, there is a substantial body of evidence around the creation of effective web content as a main consideration in search engine ranking factors.

This is because the search engines are obliged at any cost to provide an effective web or blog content to their customers who go searching for the information over the internet; otherwise they risk losing people coming to them especially when they realize that they list bogus sites with bogus information. The result of this can be catastrophic with billions of advertisement money being at stake. Therefore considering this, listing the websites/blogs with the best content for the specific key words is their core business.

The search engine ranking factors should therefore be a core consideration when creating the content for the blog of website in any particular niche. It is undisputed fact that the people use the internet for the information, whether they receive it or they pass it that is all there is. Well you may argue, they do go for entertainment as in the social media. Remember in this process they will still be chatting and passing on information to their social media community.

In order for your website or blog to rank better, endeavor to produce blog posts/web contents  that are fresh ,informative and of high quality. This is a content that will lure people to come back and forth to your website for more information. Remember the more valuable your information is the more likely Google and other search engines will rank it high in the search results. It is prudent therefore to consider this as the main search engine ranking factor.

The implication of this is twofold. Quality and effective web content will not only accord you a better web ranking, but also more back links to your website. The more the quality your blog post /website content is, the more the people are likely to link to it as a supplementary information source to their websites. In fact you will not even need to go around looking for the back links, they will come by themselves. Search engines have got away of recognizing your back links. These are like votes to your blog or web content. Not all these back links have the same weight; some do have more weight than other depending on the nature and the source of the back link. Back links from the recognized sites carry more weight than those from non recognized sites.

By this therefore it is important to establish a relationship between a creative and high quality web content and acquisition of back links. Both of them are equally important as search engine ranking factors, though one leads to the other. Effective web content will lead to acquisition of back links and therefore constituting important search engine ranking factors.

Well, as I have already stated in the foregoing article, people go to the internet to look for the information. This is one of the critical search engine ranking factors that you should always remember whenever you are producing a blog post or web content for your visitors. The web visitor is therefore the central meeting point between the search engines and the web/blog content provider. In other words the web/blog visitor is the common customer. They are the ones who buy the products that the search engines advertise and as well as the ones that the blogs/ websites advertise.

This will lead us to the most important question, how does the web/blog visitor look for the information? Most often times they use terms or phrases to look for the information concerning a particular subject or topic. These terms or phrases that the internet visitors use are known as key word or key word phases. Therefore key word or key word phrases is also one of the most important search engine ranking factors that is also critical to effective web content creation.

Before one settles on a particular key word to use for the article or content he/she intends to create, it is important to do a proper key word analysis. Since key word or key word phrases are what people use to get information from the internet, it is important to put them in the most important part of your blog article/web article where the search engines are likely to locate them. This will constitute an effective web content in the ‘eye of the search engines.’ Well, am going to discuss in a moment the details of key word analysis and how to insert them in your web/blog content. Therefore without getting bored up, I would urge you to hang on for more.

Probably you are wondering what about this key word and key word phrases and how is it important as one of the search engine ranking factors. Well before we go into that, let us consider how to genera an appropriate key word. Now imagine yourself as a web visitor looking for the information or the product that your offer or provide in your blog, what are the likely search term that you will use. List them down and begin to consider each one of them at a time. This should be the first step before you even begin to write your articles.

I myself would rather that you plan effectively before you make any execution. Remember there is always no shortcut to success, but just effective planning and systematic execution.

 Someone once said that given an ax to cut a tree, he would rather spend    the bulk of the time sharpening the ax than in cutting down the tree. I can’t imagine anywhere relevant to this expression than here.

A lot of people would rather that instead of spending time to produce an excellent web/blog content, engage in the tricks to get the search engines rank their sites higher for the given search terms. Unfortunately, in the end they lose as their tricks get discovered and penalized.

Remember a master piece article will always be a master piece. A good article is informative, persuasive and creative; it even has the potential to go viral online. There is no shot cut to this, it takes effort and practice to master these search engine ranking factors that are also important in creating effective web content.

Now that you know how to obtain the key word for your web article, it is now time to learn how to do a proper key word analysis. Key word or key phrase analysis can be done by one of the many key word tools available in the internet. Some of them are free where as others are paid. One of the best key word tools that is freely available online is Google key word planner. It will give you the impression of the number of the average of the monthly searches of that particular key word/phrase.

Apart from this, it will also let you know whether the key word that you have identified id a competitive one or not; it offers a classification of the low, medium and high competition .Apart from this, it will also give you the option of choosing the location or language. Well this is one of the most important considerations when looking into search engine ranking factors.

Knowing whether a key word/phrase is competitive will help you to identify the avenues that are relatively easier to rank for by the proposed key words. However, this has to be looked for in terms of also the average number of the monthly searches in the search engines. It is important to strike a balance between a reasonably significant monthly searches and the competitiveness of a key word/phrase.

Remember less competitive key words are easier to rank for than more competitive one. Generally the more the number of average monthly searches the higher the competition level although not ultimately. This is   that you will have to consider other than just creating effective web content. On the other hand the lesser competitive a key word is the lesser the average monthly searches and again this is never the ultimate. You must apply sound reasoning and judgement.

The reason why the use of key word tool is important is because it will help you in your web/blog production plan. It will enable you to avoid the key words that are never searched for online at all and as a result eliminate time wasted in optimizing your articles with search key words. It will also help you to select key words/phrases with very low average monthly searches. Remember the final reason for article production to bring people to your website or blog, and if the people you hope to draw to your website by a single article are low, you will just be wasting your time.

Come to think of it, just producing single article can generate for you a lot of visitors for a very long time. Therefore why waste the opportunity? Take time and  produce effective web/blog content through following and utilizing search these search engine ranking factors.

Finally and still on the key word, one mistake that most people make is to go for broader key words that are often used by large companies that have got a lot of cash to invest. It is important to aim for longer key words that identify your products more precisely. The people that are going to reach your website or blog via longer key words are likely to buy or use your products because they are looking for something more specific.

However the fact is fewer people will be generated by these longer key word tails. However, they are easier to rank for and they are less competitive and as well the articles ranked by these longer key words are more stable and seem not to fluctuate much in the search engine results. What does this mean? The number of web visitors coming via these key words/phrases is pretty stable and dependable. Now of what use is it to draw a vast number of web visitors that will not eventually buy your products? Targeted traffic is therefore key and should be one of your most important considerations when it come search engine ranking factors.

These are just a few of the factors for the search engine ranking. Be sure to consider them in order to improve the search engine rankings of your website. There will be more of the same in my next article kindly keep checking my blog posts regularly to keep updated. Did you find this article useful? please share in with your social media community and remember to leave a comment.

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