Saturday, 22 October 2016

The way to promote affiliate links

There quite a number of ways to promote affiliate links, but unfortunately not so many are effective. It is important that as an internet home business owner that you focus on the most effective way, aggressively exploiting it to success.

One of the most common ways to promote affiliate program is through the use of the banners which in my experience doesn’t quite effectively work. Majority of banner ads generate a little response as they are speckled everywhere in almost all the websites and bogs. This distribution pattern almost makes them unnoticeable and therefore taken for granted by most web visitors.

Now as I always say, it is always advisable to do a marketing test and follow it with perfection for the maximum results for your affiliate programs. These tests have been found to tremendously improve the results, working through banner placement in different locations, having different variant of the banner sizes, colors and text.

Strategic location of your affiliate banners and the flow of the customers in a given blog or website will play a big role to the success of the affiliate link promotion. Banners placed at the top of the websites or slightly bigger banners are more likely to improve the chance of success of an affiliate program. It will all depend on the website or blog arrangement and the accessibility.

The best way to promote your affiliate links is not to try to do it directly through the banners themselves. Creating a banner that leads to a page that collects the e mail addresses is far much better; it will gives you a chance to further follow up with your potential customers via e mail marketing.

It has been found out that most customers who visit the web do not always buy something until the second or third exposure to the product .This leaves e mail marketing an effective roll out method to improve the affiliate sign up process through email follow ups. This is actually the premise of direct marketing.

Email promotion to qualified list (an outside list) is equally very effective as it will allow you to target a higher volume of a highly prospective email list. It is important to note that the higher the e mail you target the higher the higher the response rate. It is also important to send email to a list that you have the permission to. To ensure that this happens, endorsed e mail marketing often works better since it removes the fear of a stranger spamming their inbox and assures the list of the confidence of being introduced by the list owner.

Despite other methods, it has always been discovered that e mail marketing offers the best response rate when it comes to promoting affiliate programs. It performs even better than the banners only that it can take a slightly longer time to build.

Banners are a much more direct and quick means to start promoting your affiliate products however it has to be perfected through trials, much more the same way with writing email pitches.

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