Monday, 10 October 2016

Affiliate marketing verses pay per action programs

Making a decision entailing affiliate marketing verses PPA program is something that most internet home business starters struggle with all the times. If you plan to run any kind of blog or rather website, the two main critical questions that you will be faced with will be whether to market affiliate programs or monetize your blog or make use of PPA program like Google Ad sense.
Making the decision to go either way will be crucial depending on what factors you put into considerations. It will also depend to a bigger extent on the amount of work that you are willing to input at any given moment. I this article, I am going to look at affiliate program verses a pay per click program like Google Adsense. Before we look at affiliate marketing verses Google Adsense program, let us find out what Google Adsense and affiliate marketing is and how do they work?
How does Google Ad sense program work?
Every time that you do a search from Google, what you get is the organic search results on the left with the Google ads on the right. Immediately above the search results you will also find you will also find some sponsored ads. These ads sponsored by Google are popularly known as Ad words and are conducted through Google Ad word Program.
Essentially, these are pay per click adverts where advertisers offer to pay Google for every click made. The order of these pay per click ads is usually done based on the amount paid per click with the high paying ads occupying higher spots in the search results.
Now in a similar manner, Google also publishes these ads on the web pages or blogs that request them to do so. In the process of doing so, Google pay them a percentage of the click price from their advertisers. This is what is popularly known as Google Adsense program. The good thing with this is that Google will publish the ads that are related to the theme of your website or blog to avoid disappointing the advertisers. This will also enable the publishers to attain maximum clicks from the ads that they host in their sites.
Usually the advertiser will pay for the clicks on the adverts optimized for specific key words or key word phrases. The cost per click is something that varies depending on the key word competition. In rare cases, this can vary from $1 per click to $50 per click and is normally done through a bidding process where the highest bidder gets the highest position.
For one to enroll to the Google Adsense program, you will have to formally apply to goggle and wait for an approval that is normally based on your blog and its content. Earlier on, it used to be easier to get approved for the Google Adsense program but today it is a little bit harder. Besides this, your account can easily be suspended or closed for a violation of their policy. When this happens, you end up losing all your source of income within a moment.
In case you are considering monetizing your blog using Google Adsense and you have come to a dead end, you may consider applying for Revenue Hits with a sign up process that only takes 30 seconds and offers immediate account activation. Although it pays low cost per action, it can offer you some good money if you have a blog that has thousands of visitors a day. High blog traffic can really make grow to something substantial. It is actually one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.
Having briefly looked at Google Adsense program, let us now look at affiliate marketing so that we may have a comprehensive overview of what each entails.
How does affiliate marketing work?
Affiliate marketing involves selling products that belong to other people or company to earn a commission. In this case you may advertise the product in your blog and get paid a commission whenever somebody makes a purchase. The amount of affiliate commission earned can be variable. Affiliate commissions can be 50% and over for electronically delivered products. These are for products like eBooks and softwares-products that do not require replacement cost.
In this line with this, physical goods that require replacement cost often pay less commission, actually to the tune of 20% and sometimes slightly more or below. This is a percentage that can vary from one merchant to another depending on the volume that the merchant aspires to move via the affiliate marketing and the number of affiliate marketers that he or she would wish to attract.
Now for you to market your affiliate product in your website or blog, you will be required to use your affiliate link along with your reference number or code, often provided by the affiliate company to ensure that every sale you make gets credited to you.
Now before you join any affiliate program, it is important to consider its credibility, whether it can pay you the commission it so claims or not. Another thing that you need to check is how long has it been in operation? This is because lots of affiliate programs come online and after a short time they disappear. I am talking based on experience considering the fact that it would not be a nice thing to watch all your hard work in an affiliate program go down the drain.
A good affiliate program should also go a long way to offering adequate training to its marketers couple with adequate marketing resources. One of the free affiliate programs that has been there for quite some time in the market and pays generously is SFI affiliate program. It has adequate training module to every affiliate marketer that almost make earning from it a guarantee. I am a member myself and i can attest to this.
Apart from joining the SFI  affiliate program, it also worthwhile to join and participates in its  E commerce associate program that allows other businesses to list their products to its Triple Clicks market place for a possible exposure to a worldwide customer base.
The beauty of referring a company to e commerce associate program is that you will get to earn as an affiliate  a 10% royalty of all the sales made by that business or company in that particular month. This is a residual income that you will earn as long as the company remains listed. The good thing is that since the companies or the business products are exposed to a worldwide audience, sales are easy to come by and the best of all, SFI handle everything for you.
Come to think about how much you can earn as an affiliate by listing a company to E commerce associate program. Even if the business or the company you have referred is yours, you will equally stand a chance to greatly benefit.
How can I effectively market affiliate program?
Affiliate marketing is most profitable if you generate your own email list using a subscription opt in form placed in your blog or website. This is a process that will take some effort and time, but is a lot worth considering. It gives you a market place that you can go selling every time you have a product.
If you have a blog that you regularly post to, your subscription base will start to grow gradually and eventually you will find yourself hosting a considerable subscriber base. You have heard it said money is in the list and this is a fact for sure.
As you develop a subscriber base or rather an email list, it is important that you start to gradually build a relationship with it, and in the process of building relationship through the email, present to them some of the affiliate products or offers that you may have. The best way to do this type of follow up is to use an auto res ponder service; you may be required to pay a little amount of money to use this kind of service however, it is worth it because it produces substantial results.
In order to establish a good relationship with your list, it is important to provide them with some useful information that can help them solve problems affecting their businesses or offer them products that meet their needs. By doing this, they will be able to trust and open and read your mails.
 A good content will also work along way to reduce the rate at which your subscribers unsubscribe. Remember your list is your treasure store.
The good thing about building an email list and establishing a relationship with them is that, in future you will even be able to promote other affiliate programs to them not the one you currently have. If you have a good relationship with your subscribers, they are more likely to accept your product offer more so if you have been offering the quality products in the past.
As a matter of fact it is important that you only promote affiliate programs that you understand better and that you are well versed with. If possible promote to them the products that you yourself have joined and that you see is working for you. This way, you will be able to promote it with confidence and offer a product that even they are likely to appreciate as an internet home business opportunity.
Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank for taking your time to read this article. I believe this will take you along way into achieving your internet home business objectives; if your objective is to make money, you are at the right place and if you are doing internet home business as a hobby, still you are at the right place. Below this article, you will find a comment section, feel free to ad you comment and to get even more information subscribe to my blog.

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Why should one write an e book?

There are different reasons to write an e book, one of the principal of which is to position yourself as an expert in your niche. Writing a good e book will actually position you as an expert in your given niche making readers to look forward to you to resolve their various problems. Therefore if you write an e book on a guide to that effect it will actually sell well.
In the light of this, writing an e book on your own is particularly important as opposed to selling one that does not belong to you. It lets you project this image of an authority in the niche. Often promoting e books created by others is awful, whether as an affiliate or bearing resale rights. Your blogging community or blog mail list might not consider it as useful as such because they are familiar with your writing skills and content quality. However if you have developed a very strong relationship with them it may just work.
Another important reason that I can give to writing and e book is to genuinely resolve or meet a particular need in a given niche. This way of writing to help others can never be underestimated; it will immediately help your e book to sell. For this reason it is important to write about a topic that you are well conversant with, sharing your knowledge adequately. Often times when you write a very good e book guide or rather an article that you post to your blog and get some positive feedbacks, imagine the sense of accomplishment.
Further to this, writing an e book is a very good way of earning some residual income. Selling e books can be an extremely lucrative business if it is well researched and written. During the a launch alone, one can really earn some tidy amount of money, not to mention the continuous  residual sales .The prospects of continuous sales is however enhanced by the fact that you write the e book on a profitable topic.
The first step to writing an e book is to have an idea on what you plan to write the e book on. Choosing the right topic makes a massive difference whether you are going to sell or not; it is also important to choose an idea to write about a topic that you know well and you are passionate about. This will also help you in keeping up with the topic even as you write your e book.
 Apart from all this, you can also write an e book on what your readers want. This is important because it is far much easier to promote a product that you have created yourself than to promote one as an affiliate in your own blog. If you already have an audience, I recommend that you try out on what they want by either creating a poll or testing out through questioning. It is also possible to project this by checking out on the most popular blog post to know what topics are currently trending.
However, by just conducting a single test, you might not know the actual reality of what your audience wants. People often do not know what they want and therefore it is important to counter-check before you eventually write your e book. In doing this you will provide more value with your e book. Well, now that you have obtained the right topic to write about ask yourself what you would want to write concerning the topic that will most impress your audience.
Another interesting way to know about what you should write about is to check out the top forums in your niche and find out the trending topics and consider this for your e books. I mean there is quite a host of ways that you will be able to do this, just look around you, the social media name it.

 I hope this article has given you some ideas on why you need to create an e book and how to start to create one for an internet home business. Your suggestions and additions are very much welcome, otherwise I look forward to see you in the comment section along with the blog community.

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Friday, 23 September 2016

What it takes to market an e book

Welcome to yet another article on how to effectively market an e book. We all know that the fact that you have written an e book alone is not enough; yes you have it, then? I know it may have taken you a lot of sleepless and restless moments In order to produce one. Truly, this is just the beginning of the great task ahead which is to finally get the word out there for people to know it exists and read it, I mean buy it.
The primary means of getting the world out concerning your e book is marketing. Talking of marketing, I do not mean to explore some strange phenomenon to you, if you have been in the internet marketing for some time now, it is just the same process. Nevertheless I would still not hesitate to give you some marketing tips to sell your e book.

Promote to your audience.
The most effective and easiest way to sell your eBook is to your audience. This is a group of people that you already have built a relationship with, who know you pretty well. They are well familiar with the quality of the stuff that you offer, either through the blog articles that you post via your blog or the solutions that you offer through the blog comments. In short, they are your immediate family to sell to.
Now if you don’t have an audience already, it is important to start building one before you launch your product. It may take some time to build a significant audience, even to the extent of two or more years, but it is worth it since you can promote to it a couple of other products. However, if you don’t have an established audience yet, there are still other means to promote your e book that does not necessarily entail your audience (though difficult) and you are not likely not to meet your expected sales.

Promote through networking.
This method of e book promotion may take various forms. It actually entails building up relationship with people that you have not known before and who are in the same niche with you. Some of the most convenient places for networking include niche forums and even various blogs. Now by establishing relationship with these people through such forums, you are going to sell to these people your e books.
The best way to establish such kind of relationship is through commenting in the blogs and the fora. When I talk about commenting, I mean genuine and constructive comments. When people realize that you have solution to their problem, they naturally start to trust you for their solutions. Therefore if you have an e book that offers some solution to that effect, they will buy it without hesitation. Building a network just like an audience may take some time.

 Selling e book via affiliates
 Like it or not, selling your e book via affiliates is still an important part of your e book marketing strategy. We all know that your ability to reach out to people alone with your eBook limited. Affiliates will help you reach out to people that you would otherwise not reach via other marketing means. Here I don’t mean to say that you cannot use any one of these methods independently, but affiliates are still an important e book marketing strategy.
The drawback to this approach however is, sometimes to find affiliates to promote your product might not be that easy especially if you are a new e book author. The key to overcome this is to offer attractive commissions ranging from 50% upwards, however this might not be tenable especially for the product whose price is extremely cheap. Giving up to 50% commission is still affordable since it is free to replicate your e book anyway no cost involved)
Some of the best places to look for the affiliate to promote your e book are in the social Medias. Places like network marketing groups/pages U tube videos are a great place to start. Getting yourself featured in an offline media, if you can, can really boost your efforts to get affiliates and even sales.

Selling e books via search engine traffic             
Despite all these method available to sell your eBook, it is interesting to find out that some people have managed to use this approach solely to their success story. They simply leverage into their current organic traffic to make a sales.
The best way to venture into such kind of marketing is to find out what problem affect people online in your niche. Obviously, people will be searching for a solution to this problem and this presents a perfect opportunity for you to offer the solution. The key then is to find away to rank highest for this kind of problem in the organic traffic search. Here is a place to make a lot of money, but if you know how to leverage into the traffic results and therefore the reason some people purely use this approach.
In conclusion, each of the eBook marketing methods I have discussed above has got its place with strengths and weaknesses. I would therefore recommend that you evaluate each and based on your own strength and present circumstance, choose what method best fits you your need. Some people have attained success by using two or more strategies, others only one, it all depends on where your ability.

Finally ,I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this article up to this point and to make this post as useful as possible, please place your comments in the section below.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Selling eBooks from a retailer store and website

Selling an e book from your site can be a very great idea especially if you are not able to access the big retailers. However it has got its own set of challenges, nevertheless it is absolutely possible.
When you sell your e book through your own website, you will need to absolutely drive traffic single handedly to your site, but if your website has got some good traffic then you are home and away. Another thing that you will ensure that you have is to create an author platform by establishing a data base of previous buyers that you can tap to at any given moment.
One of the advantages of selling your e book from your website is the ability to side step the huge royalties, often taken away whenever you sell your e books through the large retailers. Besides, this it also give you the liberty to set your prices at a rate that you prefer. Many a times the large retail stores set up the upper price tag and the discounts on your e book, which can be really disgusting. To avoid such price tag that can devalue your eBook, it is advisable to consider selling your e book from your website.
There is however a disclaimer to this in that there are certain drawbacks associated with selling eBooks from your website. One of these is the application of the digital rights management (DRM).This is usually very expensive especially if you only have a few e books. For instance a standard DRM like adobe content server can significantly add to the cost in setting up and in the management.
Another drawback is that consumers are more comfortable buying e books from major retailers because they already have an account set up with them. This therefore makes it easier for them to download the e book right into their devises without an extra effort.
Other than, these large eBook retailers often integrate payment gateways like PayPal which also help to increase trust with the customers, making them feel comfortable about the personal data. By creating a thoughtless and easy download processes compatible with most devises for their customers, thy win big.
Another drawback is that most independent publishers and author do not have a very large customer pool as compared to large scale eBook retailers. Most e book readers know where to go whenever they are in need of information any kind, they first think of large scale eBook retailers like Amazon.
However, this should never be a draw back as such if you use your website to sell eBooks. This is something that you can override by increasing the traffic level of your website. Through creating targeted content at an increasing measure you will be able to highly target your e book customers.
Another drawback is most publishers and authors do not have the necessary infrastructures in their website to sell the e books. The reason being not many web store solutions offer the ability to sell digital contents natively with the DRM applied.
However this is really not a big deal because if you don’t have this ability you can consider setting up the eBook on a different retailer and then setting it up on your website as a link. The first step to this is signing up as a retailer to obtain the link, which you can further promote on your website, where your site visitors can follow to the store.
It is important at this point to point out that this is different from completely selling eBooks from the website and it is better to exploit this as a way to both leverage the large market base of retailers along with the traffic from your website. This combination is supper.

Finally I would conclude by saying that whatever kind of information product that you want to sell, targeted traffic is still the prime resource. This is true even to the retailers, if you don’t have targeted traffic then there will be no sales. By and large, it is still better to sell your e books with the large scale retailers than to sell directly on your website. The reason being you will overcome the numerous challenges and hard work associated with it. Now, considering all these, any eBook seller should best make a decision on the best model to adopt to sell their e books.

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