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Further myths in advertising internet home business

Welcome to the second part of my article on the myths in advertising internet home business. Today am going to further look at the myths that have prevented many internet home business from progressing. Now, as we have already examined the crucial part that advertising plays in our home businesses, we cannot afford to entertain these myths any further.

Advertising is the process that will make your internet home business known as well as its products or services. Even if you have the best product I the market, without anybody aware it won’t just sell. Times have really changed and it is no longer sufficient to hang a banner of your business outside the door, there is need to explore other marketing avenues akin to the internet as this is the inn thing in the day.

In the last article .we looked at the myth of whether you need a website or not for your home business. We realized that you need a website and not only a website, but also traffic that flows into it. Now below is another myth that closely relates to this.
1.     My website does not have to be mobile friendly

Now having a website that is mobile friendly is important in this age of smart phones and tablets. Continuously these are becoming the main channels through which people access the internet. Therefore making sure that your internet home business is compatible to mobile gadgets is a smart thing to do not only for today but also for posterity.

Now when we talk about a mobile friendly website what we mean? This is nothing but a website that is designed to fit in on a mobile screen and not only, but a desk top or a laptop. It should be designed in such a way that it makes navigation easier and the texts readable. Achieving this actually makes life easy for your mobile readers and as well will boost your search engine traffic rankings.

2.    Customers  buy because the product is best
Now I don’t say this to advocate for the production of poor quality products or services, but not to let this myth hinder your from advertising your internet home business. Remember our society have got different classes people who require different product quality and services depending on what they can be able to afford. Therefore depending on your target market category go on and advertise your internet home business.

One thing that you must realize as a home business owner is that customers will not always want to buy your product even if they need to, but would want to be first convinced first.

There are various ways that you can use to convince them to buy your home business product. Things like why is your product the best? A good advertising uses reason, persuasion and a little aesthetic appeal to get your prospects in order to buy your products.

Most customers are notorious for settling for less than they ought. They often give some of the most flimsy reasons ranging from a product being convenient to buy from one place as opposed to the other to a product costing less or even purchased close by. Another myth about advertising an internet home business product commonly used is this.

3.     I can use the word of mouth alone
Marketing your internet home business through the word of mouth is good; however, it is just not good enough. This method of marketing a home business has got serious limitations that need care since there are customers that you cannot reach by word of mouth.

The most important of all is that there is an urgent need to grow your home business. Not only do you need to maintain your customer base, but also to increase it through acquisition of new ones. When doing any type of business, I bet you will agree with me that you will not just sit by and wait for the customers to just come. The word of mouth, especially if your home business is still very new and you don’t have products to reckon with in the market. The solution is to explore other avenues to get customers.

4.     I can only promote my business on social media
Well, promoting your internet home business on social media is great, but just like the word of mouth, it is not sufficient. The social media may work, but there is no guarantee that your product will get seen. The reason being there are so many competing activities that take place over the social media, reducing the chance that your advertisement will get seen on the social media. Take for instance face book. People post comments, selfie pictures, photos, blog post among many things. In this clatter, it is hardly possible to get enough visibility.

It is estimate that a post on a business page might be seen by only 1-5 % of the followers and these cuts across other social Medias. It means that for you to even get enough visibility, you will need to get really massive.

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Myths about advertising internet home business

There are a lot of myths about advertising in general and more so in internet home business circles that warrants the attention of this article. Recently I sat down and pondered over the problems that hinder the marketing of home business after realizing that not so many of them are successful. I came up with the following points.

1. I already have enough customers.
Now am sure you must have heard about this more than once since it is pretty common. One thing that I would like to point out is that regardless of the number of customers you have, you will still need more. What you need to know is that your current customer base can leave you at a moment’s notice and even if this does not happen some of your customers may die-God forbid and or even change allegiance. Therefore if you want to stay in business you will always need new customers on board.

2.     I cannot afford to advertise my home business
This is the worst assumption ever for any type of business whether online or offline. Advertisement is the lifeline of any kind of business, stop advertising for whatever reason and kill your business. One thing that I would like to point out is that advertisement is more affordable you can ever think. Remember you can place a ad on face book for as low as $1 a day, but if you need a better result than this you will need to go a little bit higher. This is one of the myths that keep people from advertising their internet home business and it needs to be overcome at all cost.

3.     I don’t need any help.
This is a really absurd statement that has crippled the progress of many internet home businesses. Every business owner in one way or the other will need some help whether in marketing or some technical aspect of the business. This can vary from things like stock taking, payroll preparation, filing tax returns to many other services. It is a fact that not everybody can be brought on board as employees. Some things have to be outsourced. The most important part that can be outsourced is advertisement. Most of the times, the business owner may be too busy with other things to focus on advertisement which is the lifeline of the business. When it comes to advertisement, it is important o hire a professional company to do it on your behalf. The reason being they are most up-to-date and conversant with the latest marketing strategies in the advertisement industry.

4.     I don’t need a website.
This is perhaps the biggest myth about the home business owners of the time. In the marketing of today regardless of your industry, location or customer base, you will need to have a website. This is something that is foundational because most people today spend their time on the internet. A web site offers apace to showcases you products, services and any other information that corresponds to your home business. Even without second guessing the current and future of the home business is online.

5.     I only need a website.
One fact that is important and true is that you need a website, however you not only need a website but a website with traffic flowing into it. If nobody knows that your website exists then it is just as good as if it never existed. This is just the same as opening up a shop in a remote place where there are no people and therefore nobody even know whether it exits. All a website need is lots of targeted traffic that is able to translate into some business.
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Why many internet home business ads don’t work

The very fact that most internet home business ads don’t work is a question of concern that needs an urgent attention. Every type of ad whether in an internet home business or not is as good as it gets the result, which it to drive customers to the required location or website. If this does not take place then it beats the purpose as to why the advert was made in the first place.

I know exactly how this can feels like, when after you have spent an awful amount of time preparing the ad only to achieve little or no success. Now this might not mean that advertisement strategy adopt is doomed to failure, but may actually mean that the correct ad placements process were not adequately followed. Now if such is the case, I think it is important to work out on the process of improving your internet home business ads.

Now one of the reasons why most of the internet home business ads do not achieve the desired results is that most of them do not have a call to action, or rather a clear one. A call to action is actually what tells the customer what to do in order to cash in on the given home business offer.

A call to action statement may also lead the customer to get more information about the product. Apart from this, it must also be clearly expressed and does not leave the customer second guessing. Some of the words that are often used in a call to action statement are, ask now, shop now, purchase now, and click here among many other words that may be deemed appropriate.

Other than the issue with the call to action, a home business ad may also suffer poor performance because it does not grab the attention of the web visitor. Now we all know how the internet today is filled with the clatter of information from the articles to the banners to text messages and every other ad that may be.

Therefore if your ad looks like every other ad out there, it can easily be trashed aside and end up spelling doom for your home business. Remember online ads compete against text ads and many other ads with different images. Therefore finding a war to command their attention is extremely important.

Now you need to understand also that you have a narrow window of time to achieve this, usually 5 or less seconds. Remember a thoroughly crated image can speak thousand of words, and it needs to completely convince your customers that they absolutely need your product.

Further to this, ads with design problems will almost invariably result into poor performance. If you lack the capability to properly design your banner ad, it will not be a bad idea to outsource a graphic designer to do this for you. Rate your ad by checking in with your objective online marketers, checking out if there be any flows.

The state of your ad design has got a lot to do with your ad performance and therefore if you properly design it, it will achieve great result. The design problem will also go in with the text problem. If your home business ad has got so many problems, the chances are that you will begin to lose out before you even get a chance to showcase it. The potential customers will no doubt associate it with the poor quality product.

Now to help solve this problem, it is advisable to just use a few words in your call to action and avoid saying too much. The use of few words make your ads friendly and minimizes chances of an error, preferably an appropriate image will sort this out and avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

Finally another reason most internet home business ads fail to achieve their objective results from the poor targeting of the audience. Finding the right customer for the right ad is a process that can be perfected over time through trial and error. You may do this by splitting your budget between two or more options using the same parameters, then taking the top performing ad and running it against the next.

In conclusion, I hope you find this article beneficial to your internet home business marketing plans. Remember to post your comments in the section below this article and apart from this, I would also like to bring to your attention that I recommend the following home businesses opportunities:

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Considerations in using banner ads in a home business

The use of banner ads in the internet home business today is vast and warrants due considerations, and owing to the fact that it is cost effective when appropriately used, it is in use.

Now for the banner ads to be effectively used, they have to be properly designed notably by a hired banner ad designer, who is able to make the banner powerful enough to grab the attention of the web visitor. Banners may take different sizes, shapes, colors, and depending on the space and the design of the website can appropriately be adapted.

An internet home business banner should naturally include the logo of the product that you intend to send traffic to with the clarity of your product offer. Sometimes there may a discount that you intend to give on your products or even some give a way. Despite all these things being included in your banner ad, is paramount to communicate your call to action with few words and great clarity.

Other than these, your banner ads should always be simple and not complicated since we know that complicated banners have got the tendency to slow down the rate at which your website loads. Bearing this I mind, and do not want your page to load slowly and increase the more to the rate of bouncing by your customers.

It is also important to maintain banner text along with button positioning and this should not be taken to mean that you cannot change the color of your home business banner; occasionally, you might do this not to make your customers too familiar with your banner ads.

Further to this, ensure always that you make your message clearly readable and with the expression of some urgency. The point here is wherever your banner shall be placed, it must stand out among the many banners and stay on the minds of your customers who will in turn click it.

Now making your banner to stand out will actually depend on the placement as well as the design and the clarity of the communication. When it comes to banner placement, outsourcing a company to do it on your behalf is important, especially if you don’t have enough time. Moreover, since they are the ones placing your banner ads on the relevant website, they are the ones who will be managing your banner placement. Now depending on the place, location and the targeted traffic, the budget will be variable.

Outsourcing and Advertisement Company to do it on your behalf will actually save you enough time searching through the websites or blog in a bid to find to find a placement for your home business ads. They will also help you with the banner placement techniques and skills, giving you a chance to get the most of your returns on the investment.

Another thing that will actually make and increase your chances of success is using the banner ad retargeting strategy. Well this is a strategy whereby banner ads are kept in front of specific customers. These are banner ads that pop up over and over in front of customers who have shown similar interest in the product and follow them even in different websites. They actually help to increase the follow up and therefore conversion rates for they are highly specific customers.

Retargeting actually plays a role in reminding the customers of their interest until they hopefully click through the banner at the appropriate time.

Finally and in conclusion it is also important to understand that more and more companies are realizing the value of banner advertisement, especially via online and are adopting it. However, hiring an experienced company to do this can be of great benefit.

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How to harness home business banner ads

Now that we have extensively talked about banner ads, let us now look at how to harness home business banner ads which is the most important part of this. The goal of creating banner ad ultimately ends in conversion either in sales or leads to a landing page.

It is therefore important to consider where you intend to take the traffic that you have obtained through the banner ads. This will largely depended on the objective of your banner ads.

One of the places where a banner ad can be channeled to is the home page. Channeling the traffic to the home page is usually preferable if your banner ad is related to the theme of the home page. Generally the traffic that leads to the home page does not convert into sales and therefore if this is your expectation, you better consider other avenues.

Another possible place to channel the internet home business banner ads is your product category. Normally a website or a blog site has got different pages that express various aspects of the home business. Therefore if you channel the home business banner traffic to a relevant category of your business, the chances of success are much more increased. Sending banner traffic to a given product category will also give you room to access to the various price categories or even product quality on offer.

Other than this, you may also channel your products to different individual product page depending on whatever product that you have for your home business. Sending banner traffic to your home page will often result into sales, provided the product in consideration has been thoroughly pitched.

Now sometimes you may not want to send your traffic directly into one of the above mentioned places, in which case your objective will be different from the above mentioned .A classic example is a case in which you may want to channel your home business banner ads directly into a promotional page. Perhaps you want to give away something away for free, and if this be the case, it would be advisable to take your banner traffic directly the promotional page. Do not take them on a roundabout process without getting them to the process.

Now having looked briefly at how we can harness home business banner ads into productivity, let us further briefly look at some of the places where we can buy these banner ads. Well, there are two possible ways by which you can buy these banner ads for your home business. These are buying directly with the website owners or buying the banner ads from the ad networks.

Now depending on your home business niche, you may consider some of the top niches in your home business that offer banner advertising programs. Reach out to these websites and find out what are their rates, looking for a way to become a residual advertiser on these sites. Remember developing a strong relationship with their regular web visitors is key to your success.

However, in the residual marketing, you will need to be extremely dynamic; often changing the banner ads designs and graphic. This is actually aimed at keeping your ads fresh all the time and not to make your regular banner traffic too familiar with your ads.

Now looking at the ad networks, it is important to know that they offer a much more diverse exposure to your banner ads with less work since they target different websites. Ad networks are actually the middle men between you and the sites where they would place your ads.  

The main advantage of using ad networks however is that they are likely to give better rate than targeting individual websites. The reason being they broker a large amount of home business traffic and therefore able to offer competitive pricing. However with this is not easy to develop a relationship with the resident websites where they place your ads.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this article so far. I welcome your comments and suggestions in the section below this article. Besides this, I have home business opportunities that I suggest.

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Tips for successful home business banner ads

Now in order to create a successful home business banner ad, you must understand how banner ads work. The key to a successful banner ad is to get the attention of the web or blog visitor and help out with their needs, but just how?

One of the greatest ways to achieve this is to put your banners on the relevant websites and blog sites. What I exactly mean by choosing the relevant websites is where your targeted customers always hangout. This will optimize your results and therefore the more targeted the website of blog site is the better for your home business. This will also save you a lot of money in terms of the advertisement.

Another thing that you need to account for is to place a banner ad that your customers are interested in and therefore looking for. This will make them comfortable with your banner ads since it will be adding value to their lives.

Other than this, testing your banner ads is equally important to optimize your home business banner advertisement. By keeping on changing to different banner ads and tracking out the result through search engine analytics, you will be able to perfect a workable banner that will always yield optimally.

To get the best result for your internet home business banner advertisement, you will not only consider banner ads, but also find out which websites to test them or rather place the banner ads. Preferably, before you place a home business banner ad, it is important to have a list of the websites or blog sites that have high potential for success when you place to advertise on. These are the websites that your customers hang on, even as I stated in the forgoing paragraphs.

Well, out of the list that you have selected, identify the websites that have the highest targets to your home business banner ads. Now some of the sites may not allow you to advertise your banners directly with them, and if this be the case, try out the other websites or blog sites from the rest of the list. Not everybody will reject your request, keep trying.

Whenever you go to these websites, check at the links near the bottom of the websites that say, advertising and find out more from the website owner. It may be that the advertisement slots have been sold out, but nevertheless contact them. This is a golden opportunity to build a relationship with the website owner for tomorrow you will have a slot and even be at a position to negotiate for better prices.

These website or blog owners are naturally important personalities in your home business industry niche and therefore potential customers frequent their sites. A good relationship with them is therefore worthwhile at every cost not only at the present but also for the posterity.

Apart from all this, the location where you place your banner ad is actually very important. It has been observed that people normally scan through the websites in an-F- shaped fashion and therefore the best place to put the home business banners is at the top of every website. This should be the ideal position however depending on the design and the format of the website it might vary.

Other factors like the color and the call to action of the internet home business banner ad may actually affect the outcome other than the location. The key is to keep tying and perfecting the best place and how to design your banner ad for optimal results. This has no end.

I hope you will find this article useful,please find time to comment in the comment section below.

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Draw backs to home business banner advertisement

Using banner ads in the internet home business is something that has been done for quite a long time with relative success. However, just like in any other internet home business marketing approach, it has to be done correctly to attain success. This article will therefore attempt to look at some of the factors that adversely affect the use of internet home business banner ads.I believes when these factors are taken into consideration the result will be positive for your home business promotional endeavors.

Now having known that understanding the challenges of the internet home business banner ads can make you use them better, let us look at these problems. First, the principal mode of operation of a home business banner ad is to disrupt the activity of the web visitor who at the same time is your principal target.

To counter this challenge, you would rather take it upon yourself to monitor the level of distraction that is optimal to achieve banner advertisement objective. Over distractive banner ads always put off the web visitors since they create annoying effects, most notoriously the common pop up banners. As you can see, in an honest and good intention to market your home business through banners you may end up sending away your customers.

However, at times the web or blog visitor may be engaged in a very interesting web content, perhaps even a rare content and in which case they might be obliged to persevere. The question is, for how long will they persevere? Are there enough websites with valuable contents that are likely it is to offer success with the home business banner ad?

Normally people go to different websites for different reasons which may vary from social networking, obtaining valuable information to watching some videos. And putting all this into perspective, we realize that banners in their very nature do not aim to attain these objectives. Therefore in the light of this, something more has to be done to the internet home business banners; Perhaps making them more creative and attractive and even less distractive. Today this can easily be achieved through the use of the graphic designs programs or even hiring a graphic designer to do this.

Now another drawback with the use of banners in the internet home business is that most banners have got the tendency to slow down websites as well as computer performances. We also realize that when a computer takes a long time to respond it contributes to a high bounce rate and therefore a lesser chance of success which we avoid.

To overcome this challenge, it is important not to create a very large banner. Make it as light as possible in terms of the graphic. Some websites also install soft wares that block large and over distractive banners. Finally, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read through this article and I hope that it will help you improve on your banner advertisement strategy. Feel free to voice up your comments in the section below this article.

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Home business banner advertising

Internet home business banner advertising is one of the most common internet marketing methods used today. The banner advertising is also called display advertising, and it is more beneficial than text only because of its visual nature.

Banners come in different sizes ranging from small to medium to leader board type with variations of measurements. Banners are often displayed on a web or a blog page using the images like .jpg, .png, .gif or multimedia. Banners can therefore be static or dynamic depending on the techniques adopted or used.

Apart from this, I would also wish to bring to the attention the fact that banners have been used in the internet home business for quite along time. They are still largely in use even today, a fact that perhaps can attribute to their effectiveness over the years.

One of the good things about using banners is that they can easily draw the attention of the web surfer, which is a good thing. The fact that the internet is crowded with all streams of information and advertisement requires that the advertisement strategies adopted be creative. Now for effective internet home business marketing, getting the attention of your client is equally as important communicating your message for effectiveness.

For this cause, using banners that are nicely designed with graphics that can be animated is important for the improvement of the outcomes. The more creative a banner is the more it prompts the customer to click the banner .Animated banners are therefore very effective especially if it does not intrude or invade into the activity of the web browser. The internet home business marketer would therefore want in the least to annoy the web visitor lest he clicks not the banner.

In the internet home business, and even in other businesses, banners are used to inform or notify people about a new product arrived in the market or to increase awareness. In this case, it does not necessarily need to be clickable; however, by getting it to be clickable, it provides an avenue to offer even more information concerning the product.
For the banners to be highly effective they are usually placed in high traffic websites that hosts targeted web content. Am sure you will not want to place your banner in places where there are no people and therefore a good traffic source is a mandatory.

Targeting of the website through the content it provides is also important to avoid extravagant marketing, which yields no result. Placing a banner in an irrelevant website will not yield result even if it receives a high volume of traffic; it has to be a highly targeted web or blog traffic.

The key therefore is to match the banner theme with the needs of the blog or web visitors and that way the success of your banner advertisement is eminent. Now in case you have your own blog, it is easy but if you intend to buy a place in other blogs, it is important to consider carefully the theme of that blog.

Sometimes buying ad spaces in private blogs can be tricky since it requires negotiations that might not be fruitful and besides you will be required to do some work to evaluate the content of that blog. This being the case, I would wish to bring to your attention that there are also other advertisement networks that you as an internet home business worker you may exploit much more effectively.

The good thing with them is that they are more targeted and you will not need to do a lot of work and besides, based on the large scale nature they can be more cost effective. Some of the most common advertisement networks include Google Ad words, right media,, AOL advertising among many others. It is import to realize that I am not trying to endorse any one of them, but rather to encourage you to go out and try hem for yourselves, and to perfect the one that works to the best.

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The way to promote affiliate links

There quite a number of ways to promote affiliate links, but unfortunately not so many are effective. It is important that as an internet home business owner that you focus on the most effective way, aggressively exploiting it to success.

One of the most common ways to promote affiliate program is through the use of the banners which in my experience doesn’t quite effectively work. Majority of banner ads generate a little response as they are speckled everywhere in almost all the websites and bogs. This distribution pattern almost makes them unnoticeable and therefore taken for granted by most web visitors.

Now as I always say, it is always advisable to do a marketing test and follow it with perfection for the maximum results for your affiliate programs. These tests have been found to tremendously improve the results, working through banner placement in different locations, having different variant of the banner sizes, colors and text.

Strategic location of your affiliate banners and the flow of the customers in a given blog or website will play a big role to the success of the affiliate link promotion. Banners placed at the top of the websites or slightly bigger banners are more likely to improve the chance of success of an affiliate program. It will all depend on the website or blog arrangement and the accessibility.

The best way to promote your affiliate links is not to try to do it directly through the banners themselves. Creating a banner that leads to a page that collects the e mail addresses is far much better; it will gives you a chance to further follow up with your potential customers via e mail marketing.

It has been found out that most customers who visit the web do not always buy something until the second or third exposure to the product .This leaves e mail marketing an effective roll out method to improve the affiliate sign up process through email follow ups. This is actually the premise of direct marketing.

Email promotion to qualified list (an outside list) is equally very effective as it will allow you to target a higher volume of a highly prospective email list. It is important to note that the higher the e mail you target the higher the higher the response rate. It is also important to send email to a list that you have the permission to. To ensure that this happens, endorsed e mail marketing often works better since it removes the fear of a stranger spamming their inbox and assures the list of the confidence of being introduced by the list owner.

Despite other methods, it has always been discovered that e mail marketing offers the best response rate when it comes to promoting affiliate programs. It performs even better than the banners only that it can take a slightly longer time to build.

Banners are a much more direct and quick means to start promoting your affiliate products however it has to be perfected through trials, much more the same way with writing email pitches.

Finally I would like to thank you for taking time to read this article all the way. Your comments, additions and subtractions are much welcome. Apart from this ,I also have affiliate links that I promote please find time to check through the affiliate links below.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Search engine ranking factors for your blog

The search engine ranking factors are one of the most important considerations to every web content producer, whether a freelance blogger or a professional web content creator. It is the uniqueness, relevance and freshness of the content that will set people coming to your site or blog. This is because a website or a blog without visitors is as good as nothing.

Because of this, people are often in search of the search engine ranking factors that will impact positively on their article to draw visitor to their blogs or websites. Some of these factors have remained a secret to the search engines themselves as they have kept changing their web/blog ranking algorithms. However, there is a substantial body of evidence around the creation of effective web content as a main consideration in search engine ranking factors.

This is because the search engines are obliged at any cost to provide an effective web or blog content to their customers who go searching for the information over the internet; otherwise they risk losing people coming to them especially when they realize that they list bogus sites with bogus information. The result of this can be catastrophic with billions of advertisement money being at stake. Therefore considering this, listing the websites/blogs with the best content for the specific key words is their core business.

The search engine ranking factors should therefore be a core consideration when creating the content for the blog of website in any particular niche. It is undisputed fact that the people use the internet for the information, whether they receive it or they pass it that is all there is. Well you may argue, they do go for entertainment as in the social media. Remember in this process they will still be chatting and passing on information to their social media community.

In order for your website or blog to rank better, endeavor to produce blog posts/web contents  that are fresh ,informative and of high quality. This is a content that will lure people to come back and forth to your website for more information. Remember the more valuable your information is the more likely Google and other search engines will rank it high in the search results. It is prudent therefore to consider this as the main search engine ranking factor.

The implication of this is twofold. Quality and effective web content will not only accord you a better web ranking, but also more back links to your website. The more the quality your blog post /website content is, the more the people are likely to link to it as a supplementary information source to their websites. In fact you will not even need to go around looking for the back links, they will come by themselves. Search engines have got away of recognizing your back links. These are like votes to your blog or web content. Not all these back links have the same weight; some do have more weight than other depending on the nature and the source of the back link. Back links from the recognized sites carry more weight than those from non recognized sites.

By this therefore it is important to establish a relationship between a creative and high quality web content and acquisition of back links. Both of them are equally important as search engine ranking factors, though one leads to the other. Effective web content will lead to acquisition of back links and therefore constituting important search engine ranking factors.

Well, as I have already stated in the foregoing article, people go to the internet to look for the information. This is one of the critical search engine ranking factors that you should always remember whenever you are producing a blog post or web content for your visitors. The web visitor is therefore the central meeting point between the search engines and the web/blog content provider. In other words the web/blog visitor is the common customer. They are the ones who buy the products that the search engines advertise and as well as the ones that the blogs/ websites advertise.

This will lead us to the most important question, how does the web/blog visitor look for the information? Most often times they use terms or phrases to look for the information concerning a particular subject or topic. These terms or phrases that the internet visitors use are known as key word or key word phases. Therefore key word or key word phrases is also one of the most important search engine ranking factors that is also critical to effective web content creation.

Before one settles on a particular key word to use for the article or content he/she intends to create, it is important to do a proper key word analysis. Since key word or key word phrases are what people use to get information from the internet, it is important to put them in the most important part of your blog article/web article where the search engines are likely to locate them. This will constitute an effective web content in the ‘eye of the search engines.’ Well, am going to discuss in a moment the details of key word analysis and how to insert them in your web/blog content. Therefore without getting bored up, I would urge you to hang on for more.

Probably you are wondering what about this key word and key word phrases and how is it important as one of the search engine ranking factors. Well before we go into that, let us consider how to genera an appropriate key word. Now imagine yourself as a web visitor looking for the information or the product that your offer or provide in your blog, what are the likely search term that you will use. List them down and begin to consider each one of them at a time. This should be the first step before you even begin to write your articles.

I myself would rather that you plan effectively before you make any execution. Remember there is always no shortcut to success, but just effective planning and systematic execution.

 Someone once said that given an ax to cut a tree, he would rather spend    the bulk of the time sharpening the ax than in cutting down the tree. I can’t imagine anywhere relevant to this expression than here.

A lot of people would rather that instead of spending time to produce an excellent web/blog content, engage in the tricks to get the search engines rank their sites higher for the given search terms. Unfortunately, in the end they lose as their tricks get discovered and penalized.

Remember a master piece article will always be a master piece. A good article is informative, persuasive and creative; it even has the potential to go viral online. There is no shot cut to this, it takes effort and practice to master these search engine ranking factors that are also important in creating effective web content.

Now that you know how to obtain the key word for your web article, it is now time to learn how to do a proper key word analysis. Key word or key phrase analysis can be done by one of the many key word tools available in the internet. Some of them are free where as others are paid. One of the best key word tools that is freely available online is Google key word planner. It will give you the impression of the number of the average of the monthly searches of that particular key word/phrase.

Apart from this, it will also let you know whether the key word that you have identified id a competitive one or not; it offers a classification of the low, medium and high competition .Apart from this, it will also give you the option of choosing the location or language. Well this is one of the most important considerations when looking into search engine ranking factors.

Knowing whether a key word/phrase is competitive will help you to identify the avenues that are relatively easier to rank for by the proposed key words. However, this has to be looked for in terms of also the average number of the monthly searches in the search engines. It is important to strike a balance between a reasonably significant monthly searches and the competitiveness of a key word/phrase.

Remember less competitive key words are easier to rank for than more competitive one. Generally the more the number of average monthly searches the higher the competition level although not ultimately. This is   that you will have to consider other than just creating effective web content. On the other hand the lesser competitive a key word is the lesser the average monthly searches and again this is never the ultimate. You must apply sound reasoning and judgement.

The reason why the use of key word tool is important is because it will help you in your web/blog production plan. It will enable you to avoid the key words that are never searched for online at all and as a result eliminate time wasted in optimizing your articles with search key words. It will also help you to select key words/phrases with very low average monthly searches. Remember the final reason for article production to bring people to your website or blog, and if the people you hope to draw to your website by a single article are low, you will just be wasting your time.

Come to think of it, just producing single article can generate for you a lot of visitors for a very long time. Therefore why waste the opportunity? Take time and  produce effective web/blog content through following and utilizing search these search engine ranking factors.

Finally and still on the key word, one mistake that most people make is to go for broader key words that are often used by large companies that have got a lot of cash to invest. It is important to aim for longer key words that identify your products more precisely. The people that are going to reach your website or blog via longer key words are likely to buy or use your products because they are looking for something more specific.

However the fact is fewer people will be generated by these longer key word tails. However, they are easier to rank for and they are less competitive and as well the articles ranked by these longer key words are more stable and seem not to fluctuate much in the search engine results. What does this mean? The number of web visitors coming via these key words/phrases is pretty stable and dependable. Now of what use is it to draw a vast number of web visitors that will not eventually buy your products? Targeted traffic is therefore key and should be one of your most important considerations when it come search engine ranking factors.

These are just a few of the factors for the search engine ranking. Be sure to consider them in order to improve the search engine rankings of your website. There will be more of the same in my next article kindly keep checking my blog posts regularly to keep updated. Did you find this article useful? please share in with your social media community and remember to leave a comment.

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Different types of web hosting service

Before getting into any particular web hosting service, it is important to take into considerations what your hosting needs are. At the center stage is the speed, security and reliability. These criteria will guide when choosing the best web hosting service and will help you along the way through saving money as a result of avoiding unnecessary hosting services. The aim of this article is to address different types of web hosting service that are available to put you in unique position to know  which hosting plan is best for you based on your needs .
The web hosting industry is one of the most vibrant one in the home business niche. Consider for example, every website in the internet uses at least a host, and there are still millions of businesses out there that need a global presence in the internet. All these millions of businesses and even non profit making organizations will eventually need hosting services.
If this be the fact, therefore there is a huge demand for the information about the different types of hosting services out there that still need to be met. People need to make informed decisions about what are the specifications and the characteristics of the best web hosting service provider that they need without ever going for an inappropriate service.
Well, there are different types of hosting services available out there offered by different web hosting campaniles. These are the most distinct categories:
1.     Free web hosting service
2.     Shared web hosting service
3.     Dedicated web Hosting service
4.     Virtual private servers
5.     Managed web hosting service
6.     Re seller web hosting service.
7.     Cloud web hosting service.
Let us take a closer look at each category, highlighting which type of people it most suited for that matter; what are some of the advantages of one hosting plan over the other?
This is basically a hosting service that is free of charge. Because of this, this it has got serious limitations. You will find that the host providers will tell you to put some burners or text ads it in your website. This web hosting service is therefore not very suitable for running business because if you were promoting similar products, it will give you undue competition.
The reason being, by running the ads on your site they will cover up for the cost of the free hosting that they give to you ,and perhaps  make some little profit. However there are some that will not put free ads on your site but will simply offer free hosting for one reason or the other.
Free hosting service is usually good for the users that are non experts and have web sites just for interest of it. Therefore if you are a serious blogger or want to run a serious website for your business, this is something that I would not advise at all; basically on the limitation of usage and the unreliability aspects it is not good.
Besides this, I would say that they are never unreliable and you will never get to know when they will stop to offer their free services. In case there is a hitch in hosting service, the response might not be timely and you might not even have a place to air your concerns. The service is free anyway. Most of the hosting companies offer very low hosting fees and I don’t see why anybody serious about business cannot afford a fee less than $10 a month for hosting service. Have a look at these hosting companies and check for yourself which is best suited for you. We have jvzoo host and dream host.
It is the most popular type of web hosting service out there and the most affordable, offering a good platform to start from for new users. This is where ones website is placed on a server shared by many others ranging from a few to hundreds or thousands of websites.
This type of shared web hosting service is mainly suitable for individuals from small to intermediate businesses depending on the traffic they generate. The shared hosting system must include a system administrator since it is shared by many users. The advantage of this hosting system is that it is suitable for the users who do not want a lot of control and are relatively less techno-survy.
However for users who need to apply extensive software development outside what is provided by the host, this is a major drawback. It is also cheaper than other types of hosting plans for example when compared to dedicated hosting plan.
The most important thing here is that the hosting service should be reliable and with reasonable limits of the services; this depends on the amount of traffic that your website generates.
Another important feature of shared hosting plan is that is uses a web based control panel system e.g. Cpanel system, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere among others. However, most of the large companies use their own custom developed control panels.
A major feature of shared hosting plan is that the host provider is generally responsible for maintaining the servers, installation of the server softwares, updating the security feature amongst general use support, including technical support. Do you need a good host service provider today? Try dream host or Jvzoo host.
This is the most dependable hosting plan in which a full server is dedicated to alone customer on a lease basis.
The payment will depend on specifications and the services supported with the server. The cost may vary from $100 to $800 per month or more. It is mainly utilized by large enterprises, professional and some very hard working websites with very high amount of daily traffic.
The clients have a total command over services including the choice of the operating system and the hardware; they can also have numerous websites as much as they want. Worth noting is that most top websites are clusters of dedicated serves.
Word press dedicated servers are best used by extremely high traffic blogs that are established and can justify the expense thereof with the revenue they generate.

This is another level of dedicated hosting service however it differs from dedicated service in the following sense:
The service provider administers the hardware, operating system and system softwares. In this case, the client has got administrative access but rarely uses it however he interacts with a leased system through a web based interface.
The hosting provider is responsible for setting up and configuring the installation of the hardware and softwares. The provider also offers technical support, data management and system maintenance. They also monitor the updates.
Generally considering managed hosting system, managed word press hosting system is popular and is great for the hard working blogs with a huge revenue base that can justify the resulting lease expense.
Managed web hosting is also ideal for people who have sufficient skills and no time to engage in the technical bit of the process. Because the host provider takes over the whole management, the technically unskilled people also have a huge advantage.
This hosting service allows clients to become webhosts themselves. Here you will find that many resellers provide nearly identical services to their provider shared hosting plan. In other words, they will provide the technical support themselves.

This involves a virtual dedicated server where a physical server is partitioned into multiple servers according to the individual customer needs. Although a physical server is shared with a couple of many of others, it gives almost as much control as dedicated server.
If you don’t have a technological knowledge base, it is advisable to go for a managed virtual private sever in which case the provider manages all the system  
This is a new type of hosting platform that provides hosting for websites on virtual servers. It allows customers’ access to a powerful, scalable and reliable web hosting service available. It does this by pulling computing resources from an extensive underlying network of physical web servers.
Cloud hosting allows for a utility model of computing that is available as a service rather than a product. Broadly speaking, the customer can tap into their services as much as they need and they only need to pay for what they have used.
Clod hosting exists as an alternative to hosting websites on a single server typically used in dedicated or shared hosting servers. It is considered as an extension of the concept of clustered hosting where websites are hosted in multiple servers.
With cloud hosting, the network of servers are vast, often pulled from different data centers in different locations. Therefore instead of hosting being done on a virtual partition, it draws resources like disc spaces from extensive network of physical servers.
If for instance one server goes offline, it dilutes the level of resources available to the cloud a little but causes no availability of website. The reason being it will continue to pull resources from the remaining servers. Some cloud platforms could even survive an entire data center going offline as pulled cloud resources is drawn from different locations hence spreading the risk.
Another future of cloud hosting is scalability and hence flexibility. This is due to the fact that resources are available in real time and on demand to the physical constrains or capacity of the server. It therefore means that if a client’s site demands extra resources from the hosting platform due to a spike in the visitor traffic or implantation of new functionality, the resources can be accessed without effort.
Even when using a private cloud server, it can often be allowed to access resources from the public cloud for non sensitive processes. This is often when there are surges in the activity of the site.
Finally, cloud hosting has got a responsive load balancing. The balancing is software based and therefore can instantly respond to the changing demands. I hope this article has brought some clarity on the different types of hosting service available out there.

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